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Private Classes

Private lessons at our award winning baby & toddler swim school

From 3 months to 4 years old

During your private lessons you will have sole use of the pool with your swim teacher. No other classes run at that time. We use the same curriculum as the normal group classes but can tailor this to your specific requirements and recommendations from the teacher.

Lessons can be on an individual basis or you can book multiple sessions during the term. The private lesson slots are in great demand and because of this the dates get booked up quickly. After each lesson you will be offered a complimentary coffee, tea or hot chocolate in our private café.

All private lessons still have the swimwear requirements like those of our group classes using the double nappy system for babies and toddler who are not toilet trained. As part of the private lesson you will receive a free disposable swim nappy and a loan neoprene outer swim nappy for the session.

The baby or toddler must be accompanied by a parent or guardian in the water.