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Our 33oC pool has a state of the art UV filtration system which significantly reduces the need for harmful chemicals, which is great news for babies, and our water pump exchange replaces the entire volume of our pool every six hours. We digitally monitor everything from chemicals, pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness to ensure that you and your little ones are in the safest and cleanest possible environment.

Our entire centre has been designed with you and your child’s needs in mind. There are ample changing tables in the changing rooms. Our wet room areas all have non-slip surfaces for safety and there are plenty of lockers to safely store your belongings.

We are delighted to offer a 10% discount for the second sibling using our classes. Use SIBLING10 at checkout. This is only for swim classes and cannot be used for merchandise or cafe sales.

Customers are responsible for adding the sibling discount to their checkout. Missed discounts cannot be refunded or credited.

Not at all. The water depth in our pool is only 1.2m (just under 4ft) so all you need to do is stand with your child during the sessions. We have worked with many parents who cannot swim. Just let us know at the front desk and our instructors will make sure it’s not an issue. 

Unfortunately toddlers who are 4 years and older cannot join the Aquatots classes as these classes are for children aged 2 yrs and up to 4 yrs old. If your toddler is 3 yrs old and turns 4 during the next Aquatot term then you can enrol them for that final term.

We really hope you are all doing well and receiving the care and support you deserve. We recommend you talk with your GP who can advise you on a plan that suits you and your baby’s needs. Your postnatal check offers the ideal opportunity to discuss any medical concerns you may have about putting your baby in water. We’ve worked with lots of babies who arrived early or who had medical complications at birth. It doesn’t mean your baby won’t attend swimming. It just means water introduction needs to be timed appropriately so that it’s supportive of your baby’s individual needs.     

Our swimming classes welcome babies both before and after they have been vaccinated. Some parents prefer to wait for their baby to be immunised before they go swimming but it isn’t a health requirement. We’ve worked with lots of babies in the pool who’ve not yet been vaccinated. Once again we encourage you to follow the advice you’re most comfortable with keeping your child in mind. Please discuss any worries you may have with your GP.

We offer 2 free make-up lessons per 10 class term for emergencies and sick days. A ‘make-up’ class can be scheduled as soon as a suitable gap presents. As you know, our pool space is in great demand and classes are generally booked out. That’s why we ask you for your patience as we work to catch you up.

Actually, it’s not just your child that needs to be illness free, but also you. If you or your child have any illness then you should not attend your class in case you pass this on to others. These include ear or chest infections, fever, measles, chicken pox, sickness or diarrhoea. You should be symptom free for at least 48 hours before joining a lesson. We are not worried about the sniffles as babies get colds a lot and can still swim but if in doubt, please contact your GP.

First Swim operates a strict double nappy system for all babies and toddlers until they are fully toilet trained. Your baby must wear a disposable swim nappy as their first layer of protection. Over this, they will wear a reusable outer swim nappy, which should be a snug fit around your child’s waist and thighs. We all know accidents can happen when you least expect it, but in a pool it’s a much bigger deal as we have to stop all classes and do a thorough clean and full rinse of the system. First Swim outer pool nappies are available to purchase in our centre and on the online shop.

Yes. All toddlers must wear the Swim Smart Jammer Shorts for safety and to help with their swim technique. These have elasticated waist and thighs preventing air pockets during the swim. Toddlers who are not yet toilet trained must wear disposable or re-usable swim pants underneath the Jammer Shorts. These are available on our website shop.

We also recommend that all toddlers wear a swim cap and swim goggles. We sell special toddler swim goggles in our shop.

It’s perfectly safe for your child to work towards water submersion. Once again this is not an activity that we rush or force. We spend a lot of time building up your little person’s strength, developing their breathing technique and cultivating water confidence. We insist your baby demonstrates a readiness for underwater work. Our qualified and experienced instructors are meticulous in how they share the essential safety techniques involved.

We recommend that you arrive at First Swim 10-15 mins before your allotted class time. This will give you the time you need to park your buggy, get changed and be poolside with your group. You will enter the pool as soon as the previous class finishes.

We have a maximum of 8 babies/ toddlers per class

It is one parent per child in the pool. Those with twins would need a second parent or guardian in the pool to satisfy this ratio requirement. Siblings are cannot be poolside during a class either.