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Drop-in swims

We offer courses for babies & toddlers from 3 months up to 4 years

Laying the foundations for your little swimmer

Our playful, calm, intimate coaching sessions with qualified trainers are rooted in science. The six levels in Little Dippers are designed using sensory play, physical contact, positive stimulation and fun, to help nurture the special bond between you and your baby and promote their development needs. Little Dippers is a space for you to slow down, play and connect with your loved one.

Building the blocks towards independent swimming

Playtime just got skilful. You won’t believe the level of trust and confidence you and your toddler bring out in each other as you’re introduced to fun water movement and coach led classes. Our scientifically supported Aquatots program has six levels that will help enhance your child’s physical, social and emotional development. At every stage our qualified and enthusiastic instructors will take the time to share with you the important child development benefits stemming from each activity.